Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Progress as Promised: a shameless commercial plug

I had intended tonight to post the first part of a two-part review of Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Yes, I finished it last night, well ahead of the schedule I thought I could achieve. The book is long, and deserves a thorough review. On my noon hour, after walking 1.33 miles, I did an outline of my review. Of course, I left the outline on my desk when I left the office.

So tonight I'll post something else. I'm making progress on a number of fronts.
  • Health: After a few weeks of barely watching what I ate (while continuing a good level of exercise), this is shaping up to be a good week. For the last two days I've barely snacked, and have upped my exercise level slightly. Despite 90+ temperatures at noon, I walked 12 laps each day (a mile and a third).
  • Flood study: At the end of the workday, I had pretty much completed the last analysis of the flood study that has been a sword dangling over my head for two years. I still have to get the tech going on the mapping (promised for tomorrow), and must write a technical report (already started) and fill out the FEMA forms (one day's work). The end is in sight.
  • Reading: As stated, I got more reading done than anticipated over the last month. Perhaps I'm reading more efficiently, because I had great comprehension as I read; I didn't skim any of it.
  • Freelancing: Last night I spent time preparing a query for another article in Internet Genealogy. No word on it yet.
  • Suite 101.com: Here's the shameless plug: I have three articles up on Suite 101: two on flood plain issues, and one an overview of Robert Frost's "Into My Own", one of his early poems. These three articles don't have many page views yet and no revenue earned, but that will come in time. What business, you ask, does a civil engineer have reviewing a Frost poem? You'll have to go to my profile page at Suite 101 and click on the article.
Tomorrow hopefully I'll begin the book review. Right now, I'm exiting the Dungeon for the upper levels, from the coolness of the basement to the heat of the street level, and will spend a little time reading. The next two books on my reading pile are A Harmony of the Gospels (I forget the author) and East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I've never read that, but it's rather long and I'm not sure I want to read a long book right now. So, for the few minutes of reading tonight, I'll get back into my son's philosophy paper "The New Problem of Akratic Action". This forms a chapter in his dissertation, and is not really a difficult read. At least I think I understood the first five pages.


Gary said...

Nice articles, Dave. Good to have a variety of subjects to show your versatility.

David A. Todd said...

Thanks, Gary. I too like the variety available to me for articles. I plan to do a number on history, and probably some on genealogy.