Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A New Freelance Submittal

This will be a short post at the end of a busy day. My flood plain study still refuses to cooperate. I've got all of the garbage out of my input file (I think), and have worked the six main analyses to perfection. I've even started the technical report. However, one additional analysis remains, of encroachments into the flood plain. This is a must. I've worked on it off and on since last Friday, but the computer calculated results are not within acceptable ranges. I'm doing something wrong, but can't figure out what. Will continue to work it tomorrow.

I just made a freelance submission, to be a regular writer at Suite 101. This site doesn't pay for articles up front, but rather shares ad revenue with freelancers. Others report that their articles generate about a dollar per month, but I don't know if that is typical, high, or low. The contract will require posting ten 400-600 word articles every three months, which shouldn't be too difficult. We'll see what happens.

Edit on June 17, 2009: My application was accepted. Waiting on a web site glitch to be fixed to access and sign the contract. Interesting that I'm accepted to a somewhat regular freelance writing gig on the 35th anniversary of my starting my first job as an engineer.

That leaves me with freelance submittal as follows so far this year:

9 submittals
1 acceptance Make that 2
1 rejection
7 not heard Make that 6
0 withdrawals

Of course, six of those were my short story "Mom's Letter" to six different literary magazines. And on the first query I submitted for a freelance article, the on-line query letter may not have gone through. I keep meaning to re-post it, just in case it didn't go through. So, I'm not doing all that bad so far in 2009.

And, I managed to go the entire evening without playing a computer game. I'll count this as a make-up day for the 40 I didn't do during Lent. Only 39 to go.

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