Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The June Report

Well, it's accountability time again. I actually looked back at my goals at mid-month and again a few days ago to check how I was doing. Here's the report.

1. Blog a minimum of twelve times. I'm pretty sure I did this; forgot to check before I got to this page.

2. Evaluate two or three additional freelance markets, and submit to at least one. This will no doubt require quite a bit of Web research as well as preparing some new writing shorts. Did this. Submitted to two others and was accepted for both. Unfortunately, the engineering one is a non-paying market. Fortunately, the article was mostly written before I queried, and will help with my day-job career.

3. Complete one chapter of In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People, begun yesterday. Well, I started but did not quite finish this. I got it about half-written and typed that up. Maybe over the holiday weekend I'll get it done.

4. Complete my latest Bible study, tentatively titled, "The Strongest Of All". Actually, this should more be termed a small group study, since it is from the Apocrypha and not the Bible proper. Hmmm, I can almost claim this as being done. I think it is, but I have to proof-read it again and think through questions and answers. But, in addition to this, I came close to finishing another Bible study, the first two lessons in the series "Good King, Bad King." So between the two I got more done on this than I expected.

5. Complete one appendix (already started) and the notes for one passage in the Harmony of the Gospels. I did a little on this, early in the monthly, but don't remember exactly where I left off. I think I completed the appendix but not the passage notes.

6. Attend the Chicago Tribune Publishers Row Lit Fair next weekend, and, as a sub-goal, talk with at least three publishers who are real candidates for me to submit to. I did this. All I had to do was show up. Well, that and drive 950 miles going (went there via Oklahoma City) and 580 miles returning.

7. Get back into Life on a Yo Yo and prepare it for publication while it is still somewhat fresh. This one I failed at. All I got done was to gather my notes and research from two or three piles and consolidate it. At least it's all in one place, and I'll make it a goal again for next month.

8. Submit a query for another article for Internet Genealogy. I will wait to make sure the article already submitted is acceptable to the editor. Did this. Turned in the query early last week. No response yet, but it's vacation season.

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