Monday, September 28, 2009

A Little Progress

This was a strange weekend. First off, I ate too much, almost all on Sunday. We went out to eat after church with good friends, and had way too many chips and salsa. I actually ate a smaller entree than I normally do at this place, but the chips were too much. Then we had an evening gathering at church last night, a soup dinner. The event was our Alabaster offering, a twice a year offering for missions building projects. The soup was good (both bowls), the dessert was good, and the fellowship was good.

By the time I got home I felt bloated. I didn't feel like doing much of anything. We were having Internet connection troubles, and I re-booted the modem and router twice. While doing that, I started a virus scan on my computer. It's an ancient computer, and it wasn't done scanning an hour later. I took the time, after playing some mindless computer games, to file papers. I tend to let this go then file a bunch in a flurry of activity. I filed a few, then was down to those that defy being put in a preset category. By evening's end I had a bunch of those done.

But the big thing to report is that I got back to writing for I posted two articles: one examining Robert Frost's poem "The Mountain"; and one talking about British loyalists in the period before the American Revolution. These two articles actually did fairly well with page views over the last three days. I had intended to write the second article about "The Mountain" on Sunday, but after eating so much wasn't up to it.

So, what's on for today? In the office I'll be archiving projects and copying time sheets. At noon I'll head out to the Crystal Bridges Museum construction site, where I'll be giving two talks this afternoon, to the Arkansas Floodplain Managers Association, about the floodplain issues we faced in designing the museum. Then tomorrow and Wednesday I'll attend the convention. I'll miss this morning's activities at the convention, but I have to get ready for my presentation.

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