Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paul Jackson, R.I.P.

Paul Jackson, a song evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene for almost forty years, died today after a two year battle with cancer. Paul and his wife, Trish (Pohl) Jackson--my wife's cousin--were the evangelistic team known at Jetstream Ministries, or simply Jetstream. They spent those years traveling from church to church, setting up and tearing down their equipment sometimes twice a day for services. They did puppets, drama, songs, preaching, recitations, instrumentals, the works. Parts of their ministry included the Country Gospel Music Association, at which they both and together won multiple awards, and the Christian Motorcycle Association.

Paul is survived by his wife, his parents, a niece, and numerous friends. Services have not yet been announced, but will be in Meade, Kansas, surely at the Church of the Nazarene there (unless moved for a larger venue). I do not have an electronic picture of Paul, but will find something to scan and add to this. And I'll try to offer a few rememberances of Paul in a subsequent post. I realize few readers of this blog knew Paul (and I realize few people will read this), but I want to celebrate the life of this man of God in the way I can.

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