Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

The month of September has always been considered the start of the "program year" for many organizations. This was probably tied to the beginning of the school year, which happens between the third week in August and just after Labor Day depending on where you are in the country. The calendar year may begin January 1, with all its celebrations and resolutions, but the true new year is just after Labor Day.

So, do I have any new program year resolutions?

I wish I did. At the moment my writing is rather dull. Adding articles to Suite 101 is not really adding much to the bank account, though the veterans there say to be patient, the revenue per article builds with time. I hope they are right. As I feared, this has taken up almost all the creative writing time I have available. I made my August goals and September goals, hoping to somehow keep my mind and hands working on other things, but have struggled with that.

So, I really have no new program year resolutions, except to keep on keeping on. I'll try to get to 100 articles on Suite 101 by sometime in early 2010, and see how things stand. If by then I've learned to divide my time, keeping a portion hoarded for other writing endeavors, then I'll continue at Suite 101. If I haven't learned that, then I'll assess my options at that point.

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