Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The August Report

Okay, time to see how I did relative to the goals I set August 1st.

  1. Write 10 articles for Suite101.com. I did this. Actually published 16 articles in August.
    Blog 12 to 15 times. Did this. Had 16 blog posts if I'm not mistaken.
    Study: search engine optimization; sources for royalty free pictures; and picture types for digital photos. Well, I did some of this, enough to get by. But I have much, much more to do.
    Finish chapter 7 in In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People; Begin chapter 8. Fell short on this one. I got some of chapter 7 done, perhaps 2/3, maybe just a half, but didn't work on chapter 8 at all except for a little brainstorming.
    Finish one appendix in a Harmony of the gospels; also one passage notes section. I did a little better than expected. I completed two appendixes, and I think one set of passage notes. I'm not sure about the passage notes. That's all on my computer at home, and I'd have to look at it, but I think I got one set done.
    Complete the engineering article on storm water detention that is due Sept. 1. Started, but not done. I found out the deadline is not until Sept 14, so I slacked off a bit. Since this is a non-paying gig, and since CEI can benefit from it, I'm doing it on company time. It's on today's to-do list, and I have a fair chance of actually getting to it.
    More work on Good King, Bad King. Try to identify and outline at least four more lessons. I can't say that I completed this, though I did brainstorm it and write a few notes. I'll add it again for September.
    Work on The Strongest of All study from the apocrypha. I have the five lessons prepared, but need to add some lead-in and conclusion discussions. Completed, and four of the five lessons taught. This actually didn't take much time, and probably was not a big enough thing to be considered a goal.
    And, based on my incomplete goals from July, get some more work done on Life on a Yo Yo, in an attempt to make it a publishable study. No, I didn't even think about Life on a Yo Yo this month. As I feared, writing for Suite101.com has taken up almost all of my creative writing time.

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