Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crowded, Uncrowded, Crowded, Uncrowded

The new market I added to my post yesterday didn't work out. So my schedule is less crowded than I thought. Well, that's not entirely true. I can write for that market if I want, just not the type of article I wanted to write. The articles they want would require more research than the articles I wanted to write. So if I write for them, the schedule will be even more crowded; if I don't write for them, less crowded. My choice.

I had my call with the Buildipedia editor today. We agreed to get two articles under contract with February deadlines. He also wants another article from me with an early March deadline, and a series of articles I could write that would string out through the year. This sounds about like the frequency of articles, the amount of time, I want to put into that source. So the schedule regarding Buildipedia is about as crowded as I thought and hoped it would be.

Everything I see about e-self-publishing, every new bit of information I gather or opinion I see from someone whose opinion I value, says this is something with no downside, something I should do. So that means I need to dispense with further research and get my short story and first e-book on line. That means I'll have to learn how to format an e-book, or hire someone. That means I'll have to learn how to design and produce a cover, or hire someone. That means I'll have to come up to speed with marketing an e-book. All part of a schedule crowd.

But that also means I can ignore the need to go to writers conferences. Money saved, time saved. It means I can quit worrying about a platform big enough to impress an editor or agent. Time saved. It means I can quit looking for new freelance work, since that is mostly for the purposes of platform building. The income I'm getting from articles will pay for hiring the covers done, so I'm sure I'll do that. It might also pay for hiring the formatting done, but I think I'll at least take a stab at the formatting. If my technophobia results in my being unable to master the formatting, I can always then hire it out. All that's wasted in that case is a little time, but that's not even wasted if I can later use that initial effort and figure out the formatting for book two, or book three.

So is the schedule more crowded, as crowded, or less crowded than I thought it was when I posted yesterday? I think less crowded, due to that one market then under consideration now being out of consideration. I'll hold that market in abeyance, always there for the future.

Documenting America and "Mom's Letter", here I come.

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