Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Schedule is Getting Crowded

I mostly took yesterday evening off from writing. The reason? My wedding anniversary. Our 35th. We had plans to go out to eat. I scheduled a 4 PM meeting with a client who is only three or so miles from the house, which put me home about 4:30 PM. But we stayed home. Lynda had a persistent headache, and my stomach was doing jumping jacks for some reason, so we stayed home, worked on a puzzle, ate left-over enchilada soup, read some, watched a couple of our favorite news shows, then three episodes of Criminal Minds. A good evening, despite the change of plans and doing nothing special for our special day.

While we were sitting and watching TV, I worked on the next chapter of Documenting America. It's going a little harder than I'd like. Later, from 11:00-11:30 PM, I read in a biography of John Wesley, which I consider research for a future small group study I'll write. But that was it for evening writing.

Of course, during the work day, in my pre-hour and noon hour I worked on some things. I did some research for the article for the "Safe Highway Matters" newsletter. I read two writing related blogs, one by an agent and one by a writer. That's not a lot of writing work, but it counts.

Now, I have a week and a day to complete the highway article. Tomorrow I'll have my call with the Buildipedia editor and we'll establish a schedule of articles for the next couple of months. Those will all have fixed deadlines. My two floating deadlines are articles for Suite101.com and chapters for Documenting America. I'd like to write two of the former and three of the latter each week. However, that alone would require about 15 hours, perhaps more than I can dedicate to them.

ETA: Shortly after I posted this, I learned of another on-line writing gig that would be just up my alley, I think. Did a little investigation on my noon hour, and it continues to look promising. The pay would be great, if I would be approved for the premium section of the website. I'm waiting on replies to two e-mails before I do anything else about this, other than some more research into the site tonight.

So I see things backing up very quickly, as they often do, and a logjam not too far in the future. I'll just have to see if I can do a good job of managing my time and completing as much of this as I can. Lofty goals are good, so long as they don't become stressful. As an long-gone evangelist in our church is quoted as saying: "I'd rather shoot at a star and miss than shoot at a toad in the road and hit it."

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