Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Reality in Big Doses

Yesterday I closed my post by saying today I would discuss why I'm waiting to e-self-publish my work. The main things I was going to say were:

- Time needed to learn how to self-publish

- Probable upgrade of a computer in order to support the software needed to self-publish

- Cost to self-publish.

But now I have one to add, provided to me by a writer I corresponded with. In an e-mail she said, "Your best bet is to get a traditional contract before you self publish." She's a NY Time bestselling author, so should know a thing or two. She went on to say that the success with e-publishing experienced by Joe Konrath should be considered in knowing he was a multi-published author with a large backlist long before he ever e-self-published; an aggressive marketer/promoter with a fairly large fan base. Yes, he points to successful e-self-published authors who do not have his prior publishing background who have been successful at it.

Still, this author-correspondent in the know seems to think differently. I only know what I read in the blogosphere and elsewhere.

It's all so confusing.


Patricia Benesh said...

Your final decision: traditional publishing vs. self-publishing depends on your manuscript and your goals.

For some guidance, see

David A. Todd said...

Thanks for the post, Patricia. I will be checking out Author Assist extensively.