Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marking Time

My health is improving. The coughing associated with the pneumonia is gone, I think. I'm still on an inhaler that pumps some kind of medicine in me four times a day (when I don't forget), and that will go on for another 84 pumps. Still sucking on cough drops and occasionally taking some over-the-counter cough syrup. But really, I cough almost not at all. The stomach flu I had lasted only 24 hours. I'm still fighting a garden-variety cold, but I think that is waning now. So, praise God for feeling better.

I think my immune system is below normal, so I'm not yet ready to go back to an exercise regimen. Perhaps next weeks I'll resume light calisthenics and walking. I'd like to get back to purposeful weight loss efforts, rather than just what might come off as my body fights this or that illness. When the fight is over, the weight comes back on fast.

Writing is where I'm really marking time. The only writing I've done since Dec 17 is the one article for Suite101.com. I have three other Suite articles started, and will hopefully get them published within a week. Tonight I plan on going back to writers critique group, and sharing with them the 490 line poem from Father Daughter Day, "The Legend of the Mill". I shared this last time I was there, but the poets in the group were absent, so I'll do it again. Can't say that I feel like doing much writing yet. Motivation must lag immune systems in regrowth.

Of course, having grandson Ephraim around is a pleasant distraction. He may leave today with his mom, or she might leave him for us to watch a few more days then bring to her and her returning husband next weekend. I got to rock him last night, singing hymns and praying with him. He always lays down and stays there when I do the honors, unlike when Lynda does it. He will usually object to being laid down and insist on more rocking. Must be grandpa's touch.

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