Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Year-end Summary for Suite101.com

I began writing for Suite101.com on June 21, 2009. I see this as part of my platform-building plan, a slow plan that I hope will increase potential readership of books I someday hope to publish. I'm not sure that I've explained this plan in detail on this blog, nor that I will, for fear it is going to have zero impact on my publishing worth. But it's a plan, and I'm following it. So how did I do at Suite, in about half a year? Here's some stats:

Articles published: 72
Words therein: approx. 58,000
Revenue earned: $40.57
Views of articles: 31,014
Revenue per article: $0.56
Revenue per word: $0.0007
Revenue per 1000 page views: $1.31

Paltry. Pathetic. As far as revenue goes. Although, I was one of the winners of that November contest at Suite, which paid me $101. I suppose I should add that in. Then it would be:

Revenue earned: $141.57
Revenue per article: $1.97
Revenue per word: $0.0024
Revenue per 1000 page views: $4.56

Better, but still weak.

And those 31,014 views of my articles, while not bad, are certainly not a platform, as those people almost all found my articles from a search engine, not because they were looking for me or my work.

So, has it been worth it? I set aside my novel-in-progress to work on Suite articles, as I said all in a platform-building exercise. Has it been worth it? My assessment: Too early to tell. I need to stick with it, try to add 150 or so articles this year, and re-assess next January. Also, I need to find a way to make a little more money writing, and to continue to work on my novel as I do all that.

Retirement is only 7 years, 11 months, and 12 days away.


Anonymous said...

If nothing else, writing the articles will help keep your writing skills up to par. Nothing wrong with that. Good luck with your goals.

David A. Todd said...


Thanks for the comment.