Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Storm Is Here

We've been hearing about it since Sunday. We were in a winter weather advisory on Monday, a winter storm watch on Tuesday, and a winter storm warning on Wednesday to begin Thursday 6 AM. About 3:30 PM it started. It's rain right now. It should switch over to something frozen--sleet, freezing rain, or ice--within another hour or so. It should change over to snow by Friday morning and snow all day. They're saying 2 to 3 inches of accumulation, but just forty miles north of us it will be 6 to 7 inches. So if that storm tracks just a little bit south....

I'm not going home tonight. I packed a bag and brought it with me today. I'll stay with my mother-in-law at her apartment in Bentonville tonight and probably Friday night as well. I set the thermostat at 58 degrees this morning, but in reality we are likely to lose power if it doesn't change to snow real quick.

I've got Mark Twain's short stories. I've got a Writers Digest magazine. I've got a Wesleyan Theological Journal issue. I've got a few pages from Emerson's letters to use to write an article. I won't have a computer, but paper and ink still work. Esther's apartment is only three miles from the office. If I need to I could walk back to the office in the morning. Or I could stay there, keeping each other company, resting up so this cold will finally leave me alone, and write and read much.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


Anonymous said...

I've been hearing how it's supposed to be rainy/snowy where you are. We've had some unseasonably cold weather down here in South Mississippi this winter. It seems "so cold" when you're not used to it (which I'm not).

Stay warm and stay safe.

David A. Todd said...


We have seen a couple of inches of snow thus far (12:25 PM Friday). The forcasts are now calling for 3 to 7 inches, not to end till sometime on Saturday. An earlier forecast said we might get 9 inches. The drive to work from my m-i-l's was easy: 3 miles on flat roads before traffic. Looks like I might stay there until Sunday. Looks like my wife won't get back from OKC till perhaps Monday.