Monday, April 19, 2010

A Couple of More Logs Loosened Today

The rains held off, which means the contractor for our church parking lot project was able to get some good work done. Which means he is working towards laying asphalt on Thursday. Which means the project might be finished by the end of next week. Today I helped him layout the new entrance to be cut in. Tomorrow I'll give him sketches on the rain gardens to be added. A log loosened from the logjam. Oh, and I called the second contractor, the one who is to demolish an old house across the street where we hope to add some overflow parking. A small log loosened.

Today I was able to figure out why the floodplain modeling results were not displaying correctly on the Little Osage Creek project in Centerton. FEMA had given me comments concerning this, thinking the results were wrong. I was pretty sure that the results were correct, but that for some reason the output tables were not displaying properly. I made little progress on it last week. Today I took more than an hour to go through some program manuals and some sample projects, and figured it out. By 5:00 PM I had printed a very nice looking encroachment table, with the right results. Tomorrow I should be able to get it turned in again. A log loosened from the logjam.

This evening I brought some work home, the printouts of the outside peer review of the labyrinth weirs on the project I'm not supposed to talk about--some kind of confidentiality agreement they failed to mention to me until the last couple of days. I worked on the calculations the peer reviewer presented. The calcs were correct, but his presentation of the key equation had a typo in it, repeated in two places. In the morning I'll inform him of his error, with gladness in my heart. Unfortunately, if when the reference I ordered arrives I learn that he rightly applied the equation and variables and adjusting constants, it will show that our design won't work as intended. Still, this is another log loosened.

This evening I found time to read a couple of articles in Poet and Writer, working my way slowly through the issue. The next one has come, so I need to get on it. Then I came downstairs and completed two sets of passage notes for the Harmony of the gospels, and began a third before breaking to write this post. This makes two nights in a row I returned to my routine from before tax time. Two days doesn't make a pattern, but I came close to that pattern on Saturday. This isn't writing that is likely to ever lead to publishing, but it's writing, it's enjoyable, it's Bible study, and it feels good. Another log loosened.

I'm not sure when I can declare the logjam broken apart and floating downstream, but it's getting closer. Probably not till the parking lot project is finished and I fully make up the time I've been siphoning off from my employer's expectations. I worked three hours at home the last two days. I probably have another 6 to 8 to go before I'm back even. When I finish this mag there's many more to go. Plus the m-i-l's taxes. I think once I get back on those, probably in a week, and get them done, I will declare the jam broken and the river running free.

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