Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Logs Loosened, Logs Added, the Jam is Still

Well, the reference book about labyrinth weirs I've been waiting for arrived today, just a half-hour before the third conference call in four days about the problem. A quick review of the most critical chapter in the book confirms that our weir is under-designed, and won't pass the flow intended. At the conference call, everyone seemed pleased with the progress. But tomorrow I will have to tackle the book in earnest, and work on some solutions.

The big negative for the day was my Centerton Little Osage Creek flood study. As I reported Monday I figured out the mistake in the printing and got the reports printed correctly. That was good. Unfortunately, when I checked the spread of the flood in the model it did not match what we show on the mapping. That's bad. That means I've got to figure out if the model is wrong, or if the mapping is wrong. But I'm supposed to have the exact same topography in the model as is on the maps. So how the heck can the spread of the flood be 50 percent different? More logs added to the pile.

The church parking lot continues to progress nicely. Of course, I'm getting queries about it from all quarters, along with some advice. Still, it's not bad. I'll have to go to the site early tomorrow (more time away from my job) and make a couple of decisions. But either tomorrow or Friday we should have asphalt down, if the rain is not too bad.

Writing goes well. I continue to read in Poets and Writers, finally getting past the features into the regular columns, several of which include advice for writers. I'll get through at least one of those tonight. My actual writing has been confined to passage notes for the Harmony of the gospels. I've written seven sets of passage notes since Sunday. I'll get two more done tonight, then may pull off for a while and work on my next Life Group lesson series.

I'm back in a routine, getting stuff done. I'm not writing creatively, nor reading for pleasure, but it's still a routine, still a good groove.

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