Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Tired

It's been an energy-sapping, emotions-draining, mind-numbing kind of week. I've been dealing with the plagiarism issue I wrote about on Monday. That's taken care of for me, but a number of my colleagues at Suite 101 are still dealing with it.

The church parking lot project just drags on and on. The contractor who is supposed to do the paving has said every day he would be there first thing in the morning, finish the last little grading, and then schedule asphalt deliveries. He didn't show at all Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday his grader operator came. He worked an hour or so, left the site in marginally better condition but not even close to ready to lay asphalt on, and went off to smoke crack, or whatever it is he does the other 23 hours in the day. Today I called his boss at 10:00, and he said he had a crew en route and had just been waiting on the asphalt plants to "fire-up today". I told him the site was not ready for asphalt. He said he'd come by, which he did, and between him and the crack-head they got the site ready for asphalt. Of course, rain is forecast for tomorrow, so that means most likely we'll have another Sunday with the lot unfinished. And my credibility in the tank.

The labyrinth weir project drags on and on. We got something done on it today (around 6:00 PM), and I can see the end in sight, but there a many conference calls to go before I sleep. Meanwhile, our transportation department head is leaving for a foreign missions trip next Thursday, and I'll have to do his work for 12 days. Oh, and the man who is volunteering his time watching my parking lot job is gone for 10 days beginning tomorrow. Then there's my two flood studies I really need to get finished, and another one I'm supposed to start.

Of course, this is the peak season for yard work right now. If it doesn't rain Saturday, I've got a couple of wheelbarrows full of oak pollen to pick up and remove, gutters of pollen to clean, and two right-of-way strips to mow--oh, and weeds to pull from the rock yard. Or maybe I'll just spray, and say to heck with environmentalism for a weekend.

I sure don't see time to write for the next two weeks, except whatever I can sneak in here.

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