Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May the Fourth Be With You

My attitude is definitely better today. The parking lot is paved! I spent about 5 hours there at the church, watching the work, keeping the contractor honest, and participating in the few decisions that needed to be made. Around the corner and across the street, the old derelict house is down! My chasing down the last permit yesterday provided some fruit. It should all be hauled off tomorrow, and hopefully the lot dressed up.

Back at the parking lot, the next three days will be quite busy and eventful, as they clean and seal-coat the south part of the lot, then maybe on Friday they can stripe the whole thing, weather permitting. Also tomorrow they should pour the new concrete entrance, replace some sidewalk, and maybe even replace the old exit with new concrete. It's a lot to do, but they might just make it.

I was supposed to spend some time tonight working on the contractor's pay application, but a large chunk of my available time was taken up with a call from our son. I hadn't spoken with him for quite some time (a month perhaps?), so there was much to get caught up on. So my writing time and contractor pay application time for tonight are gone.

My work in general is fixin' (as the locals say) to get really busy, as our Transportation Dept. head goes on an 11 day foreign mission trip and I pick up his work. So writing time will be virtually non-existent for the next two weeks, except maybe for working on my new Life Group lesson series. I'll try to keep up on blog posts, maybe even increase them, but no promises.

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