Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Site Work

The contractors are at the church, working on the last few tasks of the parking lot. Yea! It's something to cheer about because yesterday they could have worked some, prep work for today. Actually, if they had worked yesterday, they would be able to finish it today except for final clean-up. So yesterday was frustrating, but at least they are working today. The striper was there, and in just a few hours he will be able to do all the striping except where they are doing some repairs. The general contractor is there, digging out the sacrificial asphalt at the rain gardens and preparing the areas for curb & gutter around the rain gardens. The concrete crew is there, following right behind the general contractor.

If the weather holds, which it probably won't, as rain is forecast for early tomorrow morning, it will all be over except for the paperwork this week. I'm glad, because I'm weary of it. This has taken a lot more out of me than did the much larger and longer family life center project a decade ago.

But I do love being on construction sites, watching things get built, facilitating the work, solving problems, and just getting things done. I love the big picture aspects of construction and the minutia of details. I don't get on site much any more for CEI. Sometimes I have to help solve a problem on site, but not often. Those days of my career are over, perhaps forever. But I transition, as I wrote about yesterday, and keep hanging on. Right now I have to hang on for another 7 years, 7 months, and 13 days. Or maybe a little more, depending on how my funds shape up.

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