Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rain and Progress

As I drove to work today the rain began, about halfway from Bella Vista to Bentonville. By the time I reached the office, about 6:50 AM, a downpour had passed and light rain was falling. The winds were really gusting, however. This cheered me up. Although I knew the rain meant no work would be done on the parking lot project, it also meant I could spend the day in the office, getting things done. Plus, rain usually perks me up.

So I stayed in the office, and I got stuff done. My Centerton flood map revision is fully recalculated, and the revised map further revised, and ready for the CAD tech to do when he gets back on Monday. Tomorrow I'll print the report, then start on the next flood study project.

Several items on the big street construction project I'm watching in substitution for our out-of-the-country department head had a few things go right today (paperwork, of course, since the rain prohibited site work). I answered a couple of e-mails that had sat in my in-box for several days. By the end of the day a load had been lifted from my shoulders. Part of that was making a difficult report to the church trustees on Wednesday. With that behind, and a number of major office tasks completed, the load finally lifted. I left the office about 5:20 PM, and for the first day in over a week I was not the first man in and last man out.

Today I went through a stack of mail, much of it junk but some of it keepers. I read a newsletter, slightly reducing my periodical reading pile. And I filed, in my filing cabinet, this year's taxes that had been sitting around on the work table in the Dungeon.

I still have a killer workload, but it feels better. I'm going to write a passage note for the Harmony of the gospels before I look at stocks. That will be the first writing I've done (well, except for this blog) in about two weeks.

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