Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Chapter Here, An Article There

So far this weekend has been productive. I wrote and posted one article at I don't think it's one of my better articles, but it's up and available for making money. I wrote a chapter in Documenting America. This was with research and writing complete in one day. I also did a little bit on another chapter. If I can complete the other chapter, and rewrite the third chapter to expand to full length, I will, with this blog post, have completed my writing goals for the weekend. I could then go and work on the research for two Bible studies. I've already done quite a bit on one of them Friday night and last night.

Well, my other writing goal was to research e-self-publishing some more. I left some things hanging on Friday. I'm pretty sure I don't have the whole story concerning what to do with the mechanics of eSP. I found a good reference for that today, and will read it later. Events are moving in the right direction for this. I took some pictures yesterday to serve as a basis for the cover of "Mom's Letter". Hopefully they will work out. My goal for publishing that remains around March 1.

I have two other reasons for making this post. I want to test the feature for "scheduled posts" on Blogspot. I knew this was possible, but never saw how to do it until Friday. So I'm going to schedule this to post about an hour after I finish it, just to see how it works. The other is I want to post a couple of figures of my statistics for Suite101, for page views and earnings. Friday evening I merged several spreadsheets, so that I have graphs covering my entire time there. I'll post them below, or at some place on the post. One is page views, per day and the seven day moving average. As can be seen, my page views are not going up even though I ad articles. The other shows the amount I make per article per month. This is also not going up, indicating that my articles are not gaining revenue over time, but in fact may be earning less revenue as they age. It's perhaps too early to tell what I should do about this. For now it's just data tabulated, graphed, and waiting for analysis.

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