Sunday, February 13, 2011

That Was Painless

Well, I did it. I created an e-book (okay, it's just a short story, but the process is the same) and uploaded it to the Kindle store. Don't go looking for it; Amazon says it may take up to 24 hours for it to appear on the store. Sometime soon, "Mom's Letter" should appear.

This is an experiment. I checked the e-book out and it seemed to format okay. It looks better with font size 2, since the lines of the embedded poem run to their full length. I priced it at $0.99, the minimum Kindle allows. The royalty is 35%, so for each one that sells I'll get almost 35 cents.

There were a lot of steps in this. Of course, part of that was the setting up of my account and entering all that information. I won't need to do that again. Part of it was being uncertain of what I was doing, and so having to read various instructions, some of them twice. One thing that concerns me is the cover may be a bit smaller than they recommend. I think they wanted 1280 pixels mimimum on the longest side. I read that as maximum, and the pic has only 1187 pixels on the long side. Since I don't know much about digital photos, I wasn't sure how to change that.

I still have to set up my author page. I'll do that after supper. I hope that won't be too lengthy, because I had hoped to work on expanding a couple of chapters of Documenting America. Maybe I won't be able to get to that tonight, but we'll see.

A new era has dawned in my life. Let's see what happens.


Gary said...

It's up on Amazon's Kindle section now. woot!

David A. Todd said...

Thanks, Gary. It wasn't at 6:00 PM Central Time, when I last checked. Or maybe it was 5:00 PM. I was about to make a comment saying that it had been through the Amazon approval process, and was approved for sale, and would be available for purchase within 24 hours. So said Amazon. Looks like they beat that time. Gonna go check it out now.