Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Time to Write

Work has pretty much consumed my waking time this week. I'm at a convention/conference--well, it ended today. I presented three papers on erosion control: two one-hour presentations, and today a half-day class. This was too much, and until noon today I had little time to do much outside of present my classes, wind down, and prepare for the next class. I attended no other classes, other than a full-day course on Monday. Tuesday afternoon would have been free, but I had to put together the PowerPoint for today's class.

I'm glad it's over. Three papers in two days is too much. I put a lot of energy into the presentation, just as I do for my brown bags at work. The time to wind down and relax a little doesn't give much time to do other brain-intensive things, such as write or research. Sunday I managed to complete one chapter (in manuscript) in Documenting America. I'm going to generate one more chapter from the document, but I think not tonight. Tonight I want to do a little bit of Wesley research. Haven't done any all week. I may only read an hour, maybe less, but I need to do it. I think I have enough brain power left for that.

My cold pretty much ended on Sunday or Monday, minor residual hoarseness persists, but that will be over soon. I'll be anxious to get back to researching and writing, perhaps by Sunday afternoon or evening. Looking forward to it.

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