Monday, February 7, 2011

A Short Story is Only as Good as its Cover

Okay, readers, I need some opinions. My good friend Gary Boden has prepared two trial covers for my short story, "Mom's Letter". I know, some will think "A short story needs a cover?" When you list it on, it does. The cover conveys an impression to a buyer, and either draws them in or turns them away. It could be a neutral thing, but you want it to be a positive.

Gary took a photo, I took a photo, and he composed them into covers. The first one was before he knew the words "short story" needed to be on it. We'll get that fixed; easy enough.

I know nothing about art and what's attractive or what isn't. I'd like to know what other people think. Which looks better? Which one would make you more likely to spend 99 cents to buy the short story? And, if you want to take the time, why?


Anonymous said...

I am drawn to the second one. It is more pleasing to the eye and softer in color, less busy. Focus is on the letter making me want to read further to see what the letter said, who it was too, or from, etc. I also liked the font much better. Top one was too stiff.Hope this helps.

David A. Todd said...

Thanks for the comment. I posted a message on, for my fellow writers there to come here and give opinions. About 20 of them did, with the result being overwhelmingly in favor of the first one. What to do, what to do....