Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August Writing Goals

My writing goals will be few this month, as I start the month away from home and will have other things to distract me during the month and prevent me from spending as much time on writing as I'd like. Here are my goals.

1. Complete the book proposal, requested by an editor, on the Elijah and Elisha Bible study, and mail it.

2. Complete the planning phase of my next two Bible studies

3. Complete the research I need before undertaking an on-line poetry workshop in September (may start in late August). It is a workshop I will lead at the Absolute Write poetry forum, with a limited scope.

4. Attend one critique group meeting; present the prototype for the Documenting America newspaper column.

5. Read in some writing how-to books.

6. Wait for the editor and agent to respond to the two proposals I have out right now.

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