Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Mother of all Tiredness

Forgive me for not posting the last couple of days. I have been helping friends move. They had to be out of their house by tonight, and they have enough stuff for two houses. Their new place is much bigger, but due to their shampooing the carpets the night before the move, most things couldn't be placed where they needed to go, to allow the carpet to dry. So the (way) over-sized garage is packed, the space under the deck is packed, the tiled areas (kitchen, breakfast nook), and the hardwood floor area (dining room) are jammed full of stuff.

We started Friday night, although they had already brought many things from a storage unit, so the garage already seemed fairly full. We hauled one load Friday night: my pick-up, his pick-up and 9-foot trailer, his dad's pick-up, and their car. Saturday we began about 10:00 AM or a little later. We took three loads of those same vehicles plus one other small pick-up. By 9:00 PM we had the beds set up, and I left. Today, after church, we took one load while waiting for help to move the two upright pianos. That finally came, and we moved them on the trailer but in two trips. The extra help then disappeared, and we took one more load of two pick-ups and car. They have one more load of stuff to take out, which they will probably take tomorrow. The landlord can charge them an extra day if he likes, but I doubt he will.

Consequently, I've had no time to blog this weekend, no time to read, not much time to keep up with the writing sites I monitor on the Internet, etc. Plenty of aches and pains to keep me company right now. But tomorrow will be a day of rest. I have a few easy chores to do around the house, then will see what I can do for my writing career. At least I'll post how I did on my August goals, and post some September goals.

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