Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The bloom has come off the Suite 101 rose

That is, if there ever was a bloom on it. I began writing for for two main reasons: gain some experience with web writing, and help build a writer's platform. The amount of the payment was never an issue, though of course I wanted to be paid for my writing. Well, I may be doing something wrong, not figuring out how to properly optimize my writing for search engines or something, because payment is a definite problem.

Oh, I've been paid. In September I received a payment of $10.27 for revenues accumulated through August. Right now I'm due a payment of $13.16 for revenues accumulated through October. So far in November I've accumulated an additional $0.96, which will be paid whenever I reach another $10 accumulated.

I know, I know, some of you are laughing your something-or-other off at those numbers. They're paltry. They're sick. They're minuscule. It makes me wonder why I've written and posted 59 articles there, amounting to about 45,000 words, to have earned a measly $24.39. Suite 101 says the usual parameters are: earning $1 to $2 per article per month; earning $2-$3 per 1000 page views. My numbers? $0.12 per article per month; $1.19 per 1000 page views aggregate and $0.57/1000 last seven days.

I don't know what I'll do. I don't like being a quitter. And I didn't get into it primarily for the money. But good grief, 6/100 of a cent per word? I must be out of my mind to keep doing that. Even if I wrote no more articles, and the ones already up there earned at the same rate as they have for the first third of November, in a year I'd be up to .14 cent per word, and in three years I'd be up to .31 cent per word.

Meanwhile, my page views have begun to tumble, which I reported earlier. I'll try to attach a graph that shows how the page views have taken a noticeable drop in the last two weeks. Having climbing page views always helped to offset the lack of revenues in terms of giving me an incentive to write. But if now page views are going to tank---well, I'll have to re-think.

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