Friday, November 6, 2009

Writing for the Internet: Strange Happenings

After four months of increasing readership of my articles at, about two weeks ago I saw a slight drop. Then last week I had another slight drop. Then Wednesday readership tanked, to about 60 percent of what it had been. This continued on Thursday, and today is shaping up about the same. What is going on?

It's not a holiday season that people should be away from their computers. Nor have I written articles about seasonal or current events. All of my articles are what they call "evergreen," that is, not tied to a season of the year, or a holiday, or a current event. They should be as important to people one day as the next. I suppose my history and poetry articles might do better when school is in session, but otherwise they are evergreen.

So what gives? It would appear that Google has changed its search algorithms, to my detriment. Actually, to Suite 101's detriment, for a number of other writers there have noticed the same thing. My revenues have stayed the same or gone up slightly. Although, Wednesday was average and I don't know yet about yesterday or today.

I'll have to watch to see if this is a trend, or a temporary glitch. Let's hope for the latter.

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