Monday, November 16, 2009


Okay, yesterday and today I worked on my writing goals. Yesterday I pulled out out my submissions notebook and updated it. So far this year I have this record:

20 submissions
4 acceptances
8 rejections
8 not yet heard
0 withdrawn

One of my goals this month was to make 4 (I think) submissions of any type. I'm sitting at two thus far, and want to get as many done this week as I can, hopefully exceeding my goal. This noon hour I researched poetry and short story markets, and identified two or three to submit to. The pay stinks (if something non-existent can be said to stink), but being able to add publishing credits would be good. I'll likely submit something to then tomorrow.

Yesterday I pulled out my Bible study ideas notebook, intent on organizing it and trying to decide what to work on next. What I found was I never gathered all my idea sheets into that notebook! So I spent a half-hour documenting, by title and status only, nine ideas I've had for Bible studies. Now I have to see if I have an idea sheet written up on each and if so get them in the notebook. I'm not sure where I'll find them. Some I might have typed into the computer and never printed. Some may exist only in my mind, and are waiting escape. I suppose this will be some of my work this week.

Well, my employer beckons, so I'll get back to what pays the bills.

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