Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The October Report

Time to be accountable to my reader(s), and to myself. Here's my October goals and how I did on them.

1. Blog 12 or more times. >>> I blogged 16 times. Score 1.

2. Write 7 articles for >>> I wrote and posted 8 articles, so squeaked by. Score 2.

3. Complete chapter 7 of In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People. >>> I did NOT do this. I did begin sharing the novel with my writers critique group, and did a little bit of editing based on those critiques. Perhaps I can give myself half credit. Score 2.5.

4. Make three literary or freelance magazine submittals. >>> Let's see if I can remember, because I don't have my submittal log here at work. I didn't submit anything to any literary magazines, but I don't think it was three. In fact, I think it was just one. I'll check tonight and might edit this. For now I'll put it down as a goose-egg. Score still 2.5.

5. Make sure that appendix [i.e. the one I've worked on since August] in my harmony of the gospels is finished. >>> Did not do. Not sure why I didn't other than lack of interest. I did read a little in the harmony, and noted a couple of edits I have to make, but that gives me no credit. Score still 2.5.

6. Organize the various Bible studies I've started. This includes listing them, and evaluating them to see if I want to take them further. >>> I did some of this, early in the month, and my mind is somewhat hazy about it. I know I gathered all the loose papers of Bible study ideas to one place. I think I made the list, but I didn't do the evaluation. Can I give myself half credit for this? I think I will. Score 3.0.

So there it is. Not the prettiest of pictures but perhaps not the worst. Hopefully I'll do better in November, the Thanksgiving holiday not withstanding.

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