Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Goals

Having just finished my October report, and this being the 4th of November, I'd better work on my November goals. Even though I didn't do well in October relative to goals, I'm going to set a little bit higher goals in November and try harder.

1. Blog at least 12 times. I've hit this many consecutive months.

2. Post at least 8 articles at My current plans call for more than this. I might revise this goal tonight and set a higher target.

3. Write 10,000 words in In Front of Fifty Thousand Screaming People. This is in place of just finishing the chapter I'm in. If I make this goal, I will be about 1/4 into the novel.

4. Complete the Bible study goal of October. Assess where I am with that goal; complete the organization; and do the evaluation.

5. Make at least 4 writing related submittals. I won't specify what type of submittals. I made one yesterday, so I'm 1/4 complete with this goal already.

6. Complete the started but unfinished appendix in my harmony of the gospels. Might as well keep it as a goal until I get it done.

7. Work on Screwtape's Good Advice, my study guide of The Screwtape Letters. I may be teaching a class in this come February, and it would be nice to have this to use as a guide.

I'll leave it at seven goals, and see what I can accomplish.


inspirational sayings said...

I have just recently joined the writing world, so setting goals seems like a very good idea. I believe that will be my next blog post. Thanks for a little push in the right direction. Now if I can get one grandchild off my lap and the other off my keyboard I will be able to NANOWRIMO...

David A. Todd said...

Thanks for the post, Inspirational. I'm not sure how much goal setting has helped me. I need to review them more during the month; then maybe they'd help me more. However, accountability is good, and planning is good, and dreaming is good. All of those are wrapped up into goals.