Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Alone

Well, it's 5:30 PM Central time, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and I'm home alone. The holiday company have left, my wife taking our daughter and son-in-law back to Oklahoma City this afternoon. So I'll be batching it for a few days.

Time to work on my writing, catching up on what I let go from Tuesday until now. I don't know that I'll do a whole lot today. I'll probably write a second blog post a little later, and possibly I'll work on and maybe complete an article for My article on homemade turkey soup has done quite well there lately, helping to sustain my page views at respectable levels through the holidays. My revenue is also up, at the highest level for any month with three days to go in the month. I'm within striking distance of having enough to get a payout this month.

Tonight, though, I may take most of the evening to just relax. I'll fix a thick turkey sandwich, complete with gravy and dressing, and watch Gladiator, which is supposed to be on one of the cable channels tonight with limited commercial interruptions. While watching that I might get my submittal log up to date, and take notes on a couple of Suite articles. I can multi-task, since I've seen Gladiator before.

I also have a new writing gig that I should take the evening studying, but I think I will put that off till tomorrow, and will report about it on this blog sometime later in the week. For now, this will suffice to get me back in the groove.

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